FAQs Wedding Photographer

What are the prices for a wedding photographer?

I think that the photographer’s role is of great importance, in fact one of the essential elements in organizing a wedding.

The reason being that it will be his responsibility to tell your day and ensure that in 20 years, you will relive every emotion. My aim will also be to understand your personality and convey who you are. Consequently, to answer the question “What are the prices for a wedding photographer?” It is necessary to evaluate not only products and services, but above all the photographer’s human and artistic side.

In order to have this guarantee it is essential to choose an experienced photographer who has a style that reflects who you are. Choosing a photographer is one of the most important investments and the one that will last the longest.




What services do you offer?

Prewedding: is a shooting done during a period of time before the wedding date where we get to know each other better and we break the ice  before the wedding. The location will be decided by you.


Wedding day coverage.


A private online gallery with all the photos (Color and Black and White) ideal to share with relatives and friends living far away.


High resolution images ready for printing without logos or signatures in both color and B&W. –  Slideshow or as I like to call it: “digital album”  (See an example here)


Wood Box. Physical delivery with a USB stick in its wooden box (See what it’s about here)

Gift: I have prepared a guide to the preparations that I give to all our couples. A magazine of over 40 pages with advice and inspiration to organize a stress-free wedding. It will come directly to your home. See what it’s all about  HERE 


Do you make videos?

Yes, includes: Trailer 2-5min or teaser, Wedding Film about 15 min.  Recording voices. – Shooting by Drone (Pilot drones licensed ENAC and assured) – Professional postproduction. – Delivery as a USB stick.


What do you mean by ECO-FRIENDLY WEDDING? Beginning 2022 we have decided to join a new project. For each marriage that we realize a minimum of 10 trees will be planted. In this way we make our little contribution to the planet. With this initiative couples like you can have the satisfaction of having contributed positively to our planet. Together with your photographs you will also receive your certificate with the type of tree, characteristics and the country where it was planted.


This ECO FRIENDLY initiative is a gift that we give you and does not affect the cost of the service.


How long in advance do I have to book the wedding date? As soon as possible to make sure your desired date is available, especially if you decide to get married in high season. The first things to book in your wedding planning are the photographer and the location. This is because reservations often start more than a year in advance! Also in order to offer the best possible service to couples who contract me I decided to have a limited number of weddings each year.


What do we have to do in order to book the wedding date with you? After taking the time to have a chat in person or by video call you will receive a contract with which you can book the date by signing and paying the deposit. At this point you already have your photographer!


Are you willing to travel for weddings? Yes, traveling for me is a constant source of inspiration so I love weddings and shooting in new places!


How many photos do you deliver for the wedding? An average of 700-800 photos per wedding. The number may vary depending on the duration and amount of moments within the wedding. The goal always remains to tell the COMPLETE STORY, not to sell a precise number of photographs.


Is the album included? The value of the wedding service does not include the album, it is a separate expense. You have the freedom to decide whether or not to include it. In recent years I have noticed that many, after receiving and watching the slideshow, decide not to buy the album.


Can we see the layout before printing? Of course, the album is your memory, you will choose the photographs and I will do the layout. Once this is done you will be able to view online the final layout and make any changes before printing.


Should we meet before the wedding? Absolutely! Not always will be possible to meet in person and get a coffee with all the couples, especially if they live very far away, but as i am pleased we will have at least one more meeting by video call (Zoom, Facetime, etc. There’s no point in talking about connections and feelings if we don’t see each other even once before the wedding. Like I said before, I want to be at your wedding day like Carlos and not like “the photographer”.


When and how will I receive the photos? When? Within 2-4 weeks of your wedding you will receive a link with access to the online gallery. Usually about a week after the wedding I send some photos as a preview. How? The Wood Box with the USB stick and some printed photos will come directly to your home.


How are the payments organized? Couples I have worked for have found it convenient to have a 3 installments formula.


How many of you will be there on the wedding day? There will be two of us for the photo and video service. If you want to have more coverage a third operator will join us during the wedding day only to support us with the video shooting.


How do you keep up with the market and new trends? In this job being up to date and learning constantly makes a difference. Every year we carry out several refresher training courses to discover new techniques of communication, lighting and we strive to keep up with the latest generation of software.   


Where do you live? I live in a hill village near Imola (Bolonia), Italy


How long do you keep photos and videos of our wedding? A VITA. Did you ever change your phone or your computer and lost all the photos you had? As long, less important  photos are lost, it’s not a big deal, but that definitely cannot happen with wedding photos.


Thanks to our backup system that we have developed over the years we will do our best to always have a copy of the work delivered, you just have to indicate the year of the wedding and we will find them.  Let’s say that since you negotiate with me I feel partly responsible for your memories, even if I don’t have to do it as per contract, as long as I can do it, I will guard at best every shot you receive.


Mi piace chiamarlo "L'album moderno"