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"The Store" was created starting from the desire to share more than a photograph. Every work you find in the Store has a story or a message to you. Selena and I felt a great sense of responsibility, because each one taught us something, helped us to reaffirm our points of view. For this we have seen the need to give you the opportunity to have at home not a photograph, but a story, a concept ... a message.

You can buy the works with the following dimensions in cm: 20x30, 30x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x60 , 50x70 and 100x70.

The Jungle collection

The Jungle collection is very special for us who live in Europe. His message is very significant, since it can teach us a lot about our principles and needs, at least what we think are necessary. The works in this collection reminds us that happiness does not depend on what we have but to be happy with what we own. This does not destroy our dreams of achieving goals or goals, but it helps us in our life to understand how big the thread is, of which our happiness hangs.
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“ The jungle Collection ”

The Rome collection

Rome ... it's romantic, it's history, it's full of concepts. I think every person who has been in Rome has thought that he belongs to him at least in a small part of his person. "The Rome Collection" wants to convey the emotion of belonging and inner peace through the works that compose it. The works were taken at sunset, where Rome absorbed in its walls a special color, a color that never tires.
We can compare "The Rome Collection" to the message of the famous song "Yesterday" by The Beatles, a perfect harmony of contradictions, mistakes of the past but that are always our mistakes and our past ... These are things that belong to us.
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