About us

Thank you for joining us in our journey! We are two photographers who live in beautiful Italy. My wife and I love wedding photography, seeing our love captured motivates us to capture every moment of your special day.

We enjoy spending time with friends, eating pizza while sitting on the sofa watching a good movie… but nothing beats traveling! There are no limits, whether you're getting married in Italy or abroad… We would love to photograph you!


Photography is been the main part of our lives, do you know that feeling when you know that something belongs to you?

When we were children neither of us thought we would be photographers one day, but little by little photography came into our lives becoming a special way to communicate something to the world. If we could give a synonym to photography, to transmit what it means to us, we would say: RESPONSIBILITY.

When we find in front of us a story, a message or a special moment we feel we have the responsibility to share it with everyone. That picture can’t belong to us only, we feel it needs to be part of the journey we call life.

That moment has the power to help and transmit energy and a feeling to others, we love to be part of this.

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